About Our Studio

RADIOLOGiQ's mission is nothing less than to improve clinical outcomes throughout the world by leveraging the full potential of mobile technology. In keeping with our goal, our products are – and have always been – cost-free and ad-free.

Expertly Curated

Our apps are informed by thousands of hours' observation of existing workflows and outcomes during normal clinical practice. Designed to address important recurring "pain points," their content is rigorously vetted by a team of academic radiologists working with leaders in different fields.


Support for the Latest Technologies

Our apps support the latest technologies in your pocket. From true support of screen resolutions of the newer iPhones, to customized user interfaces taking advantage of iPad's larger screen real estate, to theming consistent with iOS 7 and iOS 8, our apps take fullest advantage of the investment you've made in your device.


Intuitively Designed

Meticulous care and attention has been devoted to every level of the user interface and user experience of each clinical decision support app. Our goal is to absolutely minimize the mental and physical effort required, and our apps represent years of iteration and improvement. No tutorials. No instructions needed.


Continuously Maintained

We do not believe in creating apps, shipping them, and forgetting about them for years. Our apps are living and breathing products. Each continuously improves and matures - in content, in usability, and in style.