We've been busy!

It's been an eventful January and the RADIOLOGiQ team has lots to share with you! For starters, we'd like to welcome you to our new website. Ahmed and I had been putting off the redesign of this site for several months, but finally decided just before the holidays that a new website would make for a nice resolution for the new year, and we're happy to check this off of our list.

There's also been lots of action on the app front. First of all, we're happy to announce the release of a new app: Cardiac Planes: Step-by-Step. This app guides users through the complex process of creating the appropriate imaging planes necessary when evaluating the heart and aorta on CT imaging. The entire app was written at the Starbucks in the Presidio back in December. If you patronize this location frequently, there's a good chance you may have seen me!

In addition to releasing a new app, we've also begun pushing out updates to many of our existing apps to take advantage of the iPhone 5's taller screen. So far, the following apps have been updated:

We'll be pushing out updates to Thoracic Radiology Differential Diagnosis Lists and Thoracic Lymph Node Map for iPhone soon, though these will take a little longer since the changes won't just be cosmetic.

And lastly, those of you who've used our apps for a while will notice that we've begun formally transitioning our identity from Pawlitburo to RADIOLOGiQ, in order to better reflect our mission and where we hope to go. As we embark on this rebranding, we've created two YouTube shorts that we invite you to check out.