July 2013 Update

We've been pretty busy with our day jobs throughout spring, but picked up a much needed boost of app development energy after attending WWDC 2013 last month! 

RADIOLOGiQ is pleased to announce the release of Thoracic Radiology Differential Diagnosis 2.0. This new version boasts support for the iPhone 5's longer screen, in addition to a reworked user interface that will help make navigation a little easier - and blend well into iOS 7's new look and feel.

We are putting the finishing touches on Lung Nodule Surveillance 3.0 - a major update which integrates the Fleischner Society's new guidelines for subsolid lung nodule management. The user interface has also been dramatically redesigned to not only communicate follow-up guidelines, but also to illustrate the temporal distribution of follow-up imaging. We expect to submit version 3.0 for App Store review this week.

Our next project will be a complete rewrite of the Thoracic Lymph Node Map for iPhone and iPad. We've received many great suggestions for this app which we're looking forward to putting into your hands.